“The Thunder from Under Ripped Asgard Asunder” [original poetry]

in poetry •  last year

“The Thunder from Under Ripped Asgard Asunder” by HeavenScent (my poetry pseudonym)

Every god in Valhalla liked Odin a lot
But Heimdall, defending the Bifröst, did not.

'Cause just as the Ragnarök fest, it got started
Old Heimdall was blinded when Odin, he farted.

Then Thor's Friggan' mom poked dad's porn eye of blink.
And that Loki got dad's single eyeball of stink.

Heim pushed Lok face-down on the burning bridge prism
And yelled, "Taste the rainbow, you dung-bag of jizm!"

I hope you're enjoying this Valhalla rhyme.
Frigga feels it's about to be jam hammer time.

“By Mighty Mjolnir, that steem it doth linger.”
Then verily Odin said, “Thor, pull my finger!”

[pix from pixabay.com]

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