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Humanity has no colour,
The World is made Black and White
One thing has come to attack all Race
Even though man created colour for segregation!
To satisfy egos and superiority.
A viral outbreak care for nothing,
It came to kill and to wipeout.
Behold the howling of crying daughters,
Deserted on empty streets,
Watch the son dressed in sackcloth in the ally,
Children and Sucklings, old and young
The colour of the skin never matters now,
It has driven mad men back and forth,
Sent the children of men into captivity.
Hear the distance agony of the fallen,
Listen to the cries of the forsaken in the Abyss.
The mighty are been devoured.
So are the weaklings
Same water, same blood, same bones, same tendons, muscles and tissues.
Runs through them all,
And made up all race of the World.
Skin color might be the slight difference
Eye colors might be the distinctive feature.
An epidemic doesn't know the difference.
Nature doesn't care, it never demarcates nor discriminates.
Same birth, same death.
Humanity might win if united.
It never matters if you are black or white
What matters most is defeating the global enemy!

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