For I am unhappy with myself.{An original poetry}

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Why did this life decide to be miserable for me?
Despite the fact that I struggle day after day,
I am still behind success.
Day after day a new challenge pop up,
Even though I am yet to overcome the previous ones.

I always have a big dream,
Dreaming that in the nearest future,
I will be referred to as
The cream of my society.
But things turn out to be going
In reverse of what I have been dreaming of.

Or, am I destined to be a failure?
For the harder I try, the poorer the result become,
The higher I hope for a better result the lower
The result turn out to be.
Are winners created with two heads?

Although, I always try to standout
From the shameful position
Of Staying below average.
But all my efforts are always in vain.
For I still remain in the same position.

If I had known surviving in earth
Is as hard as this,
I won’t have taken the stressful journey
To planet earth,
For I think staying unborn is
Better than having a big goal
But looking impossible.

Today I am very sad,
For I consider myself not
Up to my goal.
But since suicide is not a right option,
I pray thee my creator
Strengthen me to accomplish
The reason you have created me.

compiled by ©oluwashinaayomi

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Life is full of challenges and our ability to face them and overcome is what makes ready to face each day.

I'm sorry that you feel that way. Don't lose hope, try to find happiness in all that you already have and trust that something better is on its way ☀️

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