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The red gem mosque held
secrets that do play
with each other now-
And forever say
Lit whispers of how
burning soul's doubt
silence of the grave-
Angels fly in clouds
keeping mortals safe-
Being kept alive
for torture's harvest-
Labyrinth of pain's maze
Feel the emotion
until your torture
disappears in mosques
Heart, soul and mind
whisper back, "Torture."
And the consumption
becomes a whole life
Unlived in violence
Ignore pain's attempt
Feel how it is vague
Souls are the secret
to the destruction
of flesh's torment
The body harbors
to forget that love-
The new beginning-
Is our destiny
of the war to end
All souls' tortured pain

By: Shannon

Thank you for reading my poem, I hope it touched your heart! If you like it, please comment, upvote, resteem and want to hear more poems you can follow me here :3 @Oceancoinz


Very deep thinking,you are really a master writer,keep it up buddy @oceancoinz

It's really amazing.I like & love it.

I really liked your poem.You are very gifted @oceancoinz.
Upvoted and following you.

Thank you @fisnikk! I appreciate your comments.

great and deep words
thanks for sharing

Very nice writing here. I never have been good at poetry but you have a gift.

Thank you very much for you kind comments.

Souls are the secret
to the destruction
of flesh's torment

My favorite part right there. You could write another book from that piece.

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