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Too complicated to ignore
The rest feels like blood and gore
The mercy of soul's strength
To withstand
What two hearts beating communicate
To demand
A sacred promise love keeps
Is a secret two souls joined
Do meet
Protest the anger and affliction
That love absorbs in the mind
For the spirit to whither and create
The divine
Infinity begins in the never of truth
Where other feelings harbor their demands
Too aloof
So struggle with the pain of heart's
Pitter Patter Beat
And know that we're meant to
Fall in love
All of us under the clouds of the sun
Over the pain of the darkest night
To fall in love with your one and only
Tailored tonight
Feel the butterflies of true love
A reality in concept
A metaphor of perception
Love is the only immortal emotion
It never dies or pretends to reset
There is no explanation to the feeling
It's the ride of life, in space and time
Worth living
For you

By: Shannon

Thank you for reading my poem, I hope it touched your heart! If you like it, please comment, upvote, resteem and want to hear more poems you can follow me here :3 @Oceancoinz


Gosh, this gives me goosebumps, brings back a lot of memories, I don't even really read poetry but this was great!

Thank you for reading. Some people can understand the thoughts behind words. Depth is only a measure of what you think is true and what you perceive to be real. This is real. My heart is with you. Light feeds the light and extinguishes the darkness of what we all feel. I am so grateful for your comment. Hey light, I'm another one that feels you too.

good write man

Thanks a lot. I'm glad you liked my poem.

Thank you @amreshchandra :)

Every time I read your poetry it stirs my soul!!! MAGNIFICENT work! UPVOTED!

Aww, sweet response :-) thank you for your kind words

omg.. so meaningful and sweet ..your poem straight from my heart!!!

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Very very touching toem,thanks for share this beautiful poem with us buddy :)

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