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Isolation in darkness
Feeds the hunger of day,
We tempt fate, is it real?
Maybe this is all just a game,
Playing pretend in darkness,
Feels like the light of someday,
Where the dark and light intwine
The shadows who lurk to catch us
In a world we left behind,
The steep depth of loneliness
Is the game the dark shadows
Endeavor to make playing pretend
A light that doesn't feel the same,
All alone, with eyes teared shut
In the end, they open to warmth
Bright promises and peace
Made long ago in beauty-
A game no light has to play,
Keep the eyes attuned to the
Shadows caught sneeking in day,
And the isolation will seep loneliness
Of the game pretended darkness
Whom shadows give bright beauty
Unto despair, no light will ever play.
Just open your eyes.

By Shannon

Thank you for reading my poem, I hope it touched your heart! If you like it and want to hear more poems you can follow me here :3


Hi @oceancoinz (Sharron), thanks for sharing. :)

No problem, thanks for commenting.

whoa , interesting


Thank you!!

Upvoted and following you
nice poem keep writing.

Thank you very much!

ohh sad :(

Beautiful poetry. Good one.

thank you for your kind words.

Hi Shannon. The poem is really powerful, thank you for sharing. Much love.

Thank for commenting and thanks!

Life is a game. Cutting ourselves off doesn't serve us. Light and dark are polarities that we CHOOSE. Sweet poem!

thank you.


a perfect poem after listening my heartbreak songs playlist. :(

uhh sorry. :3

Really beautiful poem,
Thanks for share buddy :)

Np buddy.

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