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Fallen angels cease to understand
The punishment that we all
Live in reprimand
In humans wake to discord
Angels fight to record
The morning strikes
As if a star from what
Is wrong and what is right
Their reprimand, a punishment
For the curiosity of humans
Mortals strive to feel a reality
Most pretend is not real
And yet we both pretend to know
That if love is the key to truth
Than love is the only proof
That we are given one emotion of
The only emotion God gave us to take
Both angels and humans march to
A scene of vibrating waves
Whether in sound or of words
To understand creation
A word of sounds we've yet to make
What is God, and why?
The answer is simple...
They both provide
A relevance to relief in forgetting
The past, present and now pretending
To alleviate the violent end of curiosity
A sickness of the body
The heart
The mind
Come to me , my Father
Rejoice in the truth
The emotion we've yet to feel
Is that not divine?
And yet the fallen are pre-disposed
To a diagnosis without a cure
To propose
Be true, be real
Understand how is feels
Says the mortal to an angel
And as the angel replies
The human settles comfortably
In sweet little lies
The lie that angels do feel
What we feel in life
The strife to be righteous
In dignity, like angels
Who never got the second
Chance to dignify
To be born again into the light
Angels wander, wonder is this
The poignant inverse of love?
The infraction of God's punishment
But, what of this?
Why does time and the space wither
To a blooming mortal flower
Of the imperfect creation of true
Free will
God said it was so
And so it will
Will be the choice to stay or flee
The want of every creation
The curse of every entity
Moment to moment and glass
To those whom have been shattered
The fallen angels never get a second chance
But the mortal flaw
From the grace of God
Will be gathered
Under the real
The true
The love of an angel
No mortal ever knew
Cling to the light in darkness's deep dreams
And there the angel will be
Waiting for the answer to what God seems
Chaos's structure in time and space
For we must put discipline under faith
A fraction that time will never erase
Therefor be free in the deepest
Darkness of the memories that hurt
Those are tests that angels will yurn
It's why they observe, fight, protect
The human urge to forget
Guardians of life
Seekers of what is a second chance
Be free in knowing that the love
Of one human
A mortal
Is the way to the secret of Coming Back
Morning Star
That is God

By: Shannon

Thank you for reading my poem, I hope it touched your heart! If you like it and want to hear more poems you can follow me here :3 https://steemit.com/@oceancoinz


Awesome poem

Thank you very much @ahmedezzat!

You're welcome dear friend @oceancoinz

It can be a song. So good by the way :-)

Thank you @stefen, that was very nice. :3

I loved the poem, very deep very original, thank you

Thank you @awpmaster that was very sweet. Followed you.

Nice one. i like it.

Thank you very much. Followed. :)

beautiful poem.

Thank you @aburmeseabroad!

Nice poem
I vote you @oceancoinz
Thanks for sharing

Thank you! :) I followed you.

I follow back :D

excellent write up @oceancoinz :)resteemed

Thank you, you're so sweet!

This poem is music for the heart. Awesome work! @oceancoinz

Thank you @majikthought. :) Have a great weekend.

Same to you! Enjoy the weekend!

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