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For creation awoke in silent surprise
Her eyes, opened wide to see the burnt sky
Dark as night, red as fire in daylight
A forced creation woken up too soon

She is the product of expectation
Optical illusions that cease to last
A collective critical opinion
Dominates the creation awoken too quickly

Be careful, the creator tells us all
Her eyes glare with pain and trepidation
At the lost world she was not ready for
We look away at the evil disguise

As if that would make the creation die
Or disappear, a ghost haunting the way

The monster was beautiful and afraid
In a world of daunting criticism
Who knew not how to love but how to hurt
The forced creation's enduring free will

Not a monster to be tamed as a pet
No, she was to be a pillar of strength
A sign of hope from the creator's hand
Instead, she became a mirror of us

And our unyielding mortal digust
WIth hollow expections of the now
Unable to wait and see what happens
A creation is forced to live and die

To break through time and quiet mistakes
Mortals possess in a hardened heart's escape

Hightened in the shattered glass of mind's eye
Of everyone that breathed or took away
Innocence of wonder in the concave
Of blind souls blistering for truth and light

Dare they know its surpassed in burning
Of judgement without just cause of the right-
Or disgust towards a monster born of night-
Of sharp shattered glass we see in ourselves?

She gazes at us all, the true mother
The earth, the one we try to discover
The eternal monster born out of haste
From mortal tyranny of pain's self hate

Yet she stands in memory formed from fire
The cold withstands from our world in desire

By: Shannon

Thank you for reading my poem, I hope it touched your heart! If you like it, please comment, upvote, resteem and want to hear more poems you can follow me here :3 @Oceancoinz


Very touching and meaningful..another good poem @oceancoinz is that your name shannon?

Thank you! Yes, my name is Shannon.

nice to meet you shannon...

Nice to meet you also Sandra :)

Upvoted what I can :D

Thank you I am grateful that you upvoted. :)

Not a monster to be tamed as a pet
No, she was to be a pillar of strength
A sign of hope from the creator's hand
Instead, she became a mirror of us

This poem is gripping and that stanza piercing.

I love reading poetry that leads me and allows me to be lost in its rhyme and meaning. This was wonderful.

Thank you so much @lydon.sipe your comment is very sweet.

Both touching and meaningful! Resteemed!

Thank you very much Michelle. :) I hope you have a great day.

Cool picture, nice writing.

Thank you @susanli3769 for the nice comment. Followed.

Nice writing and great picture
Keep @oceancoinz

Nice and beautiful poem my friend "shannon",thanks for share.

Thank you!

Welcome buddy :)

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