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The void of dark and dark does linguer longer,
Towards a chaos in lovers,
A tempt of night in light for all who may see,
Twisted forms of each other
To collect abstract versions of love in "we",
Non ew Toi, mon amour?

You filled the empty whole as I fed your soul,
Towards a chaos of lovers,
Whose time surpassed the sentence of lonliness-
Enrapt under the covers,
Dreaming of angel's song to sing us to rest
With Eden's Cherubin

And the void of dark filled quickly with a bloom
Of flowers in night to wait
Hierachy of symbols to trumpet too soon,
Visioned purgatory-
Dark and light command to claim into circles,
The humble and meek say
"On earth as it is to heaven."
Pride glances back and sees fierte

The black fire of the beast,
To roar and conquer those who disbelief
in love and faith, the compassion thereof
with hungry glares
Too intense to stay in love

I yell a farewell without want
or knowledge from above
feel the words that lingeur
In cries of longing
To pray as a coutier
Je t'aime

Ew toi darkness
The passenger of light,
Death comes avant life
Pourquoi ignorezvous?
When perception is quite an understatment
The immortal curse of angels
Lost in a mortal love of eternity
Ew Toi?

I ask again, if only to seek the end
An end to repetition
Of a sublime flower
Proceeding its goodbye to reputation
As the question does stand-
Aimer ou mourir?

By: Shannon

Thank you for reading my poem, I hope it touched your heart! If you like it, please comment, upvote, resteem and want to hear more poems you can follow me here :3 @Oceancoinz


Great poem and picture says it all

Thank for your nice comments!

I am Groot! :D

Thanks Groot!

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Great poem my friend!


Thank you very much!!

I ask again, if only to seek the end
An end to repetition
Of a sublime flower

So many good lines, and that one is my favorite. Lovely poem, Shannon.

Thank you so very much @lydon.sipe!

It's very moving poem
Followed , upvoted

Thank you very muich @ferry10!

You're welcome
Can you take a round in my blog ?

Sure! Followed too.



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