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26th February 8pm

So I thought of you and I had to pen down my thoughts.
As you go through your everyday life, this piece of literature will find you.
And you will know that I am talking to you.
But I feel it will take a while for you to respond to it...maybe years.

Keep moving.

My thoughts constantly drift towards you...
Good thoughts.
After a long time had passed...
I get to see you again, I am surprised.
... And beautifully so.

Tears filled my eyes as I looked at you.
... They still fill my eyes even now as I remember...
All we did together, dreams of the future we had even though we didn't know how they will be realized.
Concerns we had, challenges, sufferings, humiliations, we faced.
But the hope we had that made us smile.

We will laugh at those things now...
Not because we have arrived, no.
We are still far from it,
... But because we are not where we used to be.

Many tears I did cry on my knees, praying, not for myself...
But for you and my younger friends.
... I felt like a big sister who had to protect and help but lacked the basic tools.
All I could do was pray and that I still do.

So imagine my joy and surprise when I saw you again.
Others are coming on the way but your story had me thanking God.

If you are sorted, others will definitely be too.

As I look at you now, I am grateful.
Maybe all my prayers are not answered yet...
But what I see gives me joy.
And prompts me to be even greater.

Seeing you, I am in a good place.
Thank God for your journey so far...
Lessons learnt, no offense taken
I know He will fine-tune it and straighten things up.

Just seeing and knowing that you have grown,
And are no more where you used to be
Fills my heart with joy.

I realize that even though I haven't fulfilled my promise to myself concerning you,
My prayers will find you. So I keep at it.

When I see you again,
It will be a meeting of conglomerates.
A meeting of Empires.

Answer your name.
I will keep calling you what you call yourself
And I will always see you that way.
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