The Notification #Poem

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The Notification
Dedicated to @diebitch

The beep
Out of nowhere
A sound that wakes
That shakes

A throbbing noise
Heart rate up
Eyes popping
Drool drooling

My hand moves
the mouse--a click
Bright light--eyes blink
Letters revolving meaning

It’s you--you did this
Voted for something
A post, a shrug
Two cent’s all I got

~ @nobyeni


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hahaha...but it is not the cents that is the love, that someone remembers you, care you

The morning excitement after having posted something the other night: hehe. One is got to know the self very well.

hundred dollar
I roll up my sleeve

twenty-five comments

return, return.
again and again.

where's the f... diamond?


TWO cents? I wish