The Bus Driver and the Girl :: Poem-a-Day Day #6

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The busdriver and the girl.jpg

The Bus Driver and the Girl

Why bother about the girl
Freezing in the cold
Stuck to a chair that isn’t her
When you hate your job

She is the lazy bitch and he
The angel who needs to deal
With her kind--taking advantage
Stealing jobs--holding up her hand

The girl shakes on impact
White knuckles hold on to the rail
As the bus moves violently
People argue about rules

She is left drowning
In puddles of sorrow
There are only so many
Forms you can fill out

~ @nobyeni


This is my entry of day #6 for the 100-day poetry challenge.
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Here is an overview of more fiction/short stories and poetry by @nobyeni.

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Total mindfuck!