Spring :: Poem-a-Day :: Day 1

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poem-a-dayday 1.jpg


Lines added
vision blurred
hours of laughter
concentrated silence.

The pencil scrapes
the surface of the old
white space
an illusion.

Yet life remains
the breaking of dirt
a new green
called spring.

Pushing forward
death postponed.

~ @nobyeni


Poem-A-Day Day 1

I do not consider myself a poet. I do write poetry every now and then. I guess you could say I'm an intermediate poet. @d-pend has started an initiative (a 100-day poetry challenge) that closely fitted with a longing I felt in myself--to start a poem-a-day project. I've done this in the past, writing a poem every day. I've noticed it makes time go slower, I can still relate back to those days in my poem-a-day-diary much more clearly than other days in that year that have gone by without taking a poetic snapshot.

So I will try to take part in his poetry challenge. One poem every day for 100 days. I'm adding a little challenge to it myself: to take a picture to accompany each poem every day as well.

There are many types of writing poetry. Editing however is an important part. Which will be challenging, to give myself enough time to write & edit & leave alone & revisit a poem every day. Still, I will try.

All pictures used are my own.


Here is an overview of more fiction/short stories and poetry by @nobyeni.

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I like this, it's so gentle and pure. It reminds me of the way I feel, breaking through the dirt with the flowers. Those purple tulips are gorgeous. I love the idea of taking a photo every day to match your poem. What a great way to find some inspiration. Hunting for beauty literally and figuratively (:

Thanks! Yes, I'm already unsure about whether I can keep up this double challenge... but who knows!

I know right? Not even sure I'll be able to keep up with the one poem a day challenge 😂 I'll bet finding things to suit your poems will shoot your creativity even further (:

nice job

Short nice poem.
Wish I could postpone death too, I love that line.

Perfectamundo. I like how you pruned this poem to be a vignette of spring. It made the imagery and word choice that much more effective.

Beautiful poetry of hope. Spring! Greetings.

Sublime and beautiful like that temporo-spatial relationship that you suggest @nobyeni. A big hug for you.

Hi @nobyeni, this was an excellent entry. I appreciated how simple and lucid this piece was. I'm happy to have you participating and have placed you in the Intermediate category.

Great layout and images in your blog, by the way. All the best going forward!!