She was my first :: Poem

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Yesterday I finally did it
I never thought I would
Had given up all hope

She said she was passing through
On holiday and why not meet and see
I thought why not and told her yes

A public place full of people
Because we met on steem
And let's be safe, just in case

We had connected, chatted,
She'd made me write for #comedyopenmic
Even though in reality I am no fun at all

What if she wouldn't laugh
What if I turned out a complete bore
Sarcasm might not save me now, yet I went

She was late, I waited a long time
Thought maybe she stood me up
Sweaty palms, incessant checking of phone

Was she an AI after all
Chatting happily while pretending
To be human--stupid I fell for it

But there she was, shy and short
I didn't recognize her from her avatar
Different haircut and more real

She was my first
I will always be thankful
Happy memories

She was my first
And hopefully not my last
Thanks @diebitch for my first Steemit Meetup!

~ @nobyeni

Deze wellicht ook.jpg

Picture by @nobyeni, of Amsterdam, where @diebitch and myself met yesterday. Turned out we both weren't the selfie-type, so no selfies of us. But blurred out pictures of us might appear on the internet/blockchain over the next couple of days.


This is my entry for #comedyopenmic contest round 4 organised by @comedyopenmic,
for which I would like to nominate both @xanderslee and @diebitch to enter!

Here is an overview of more fiction/short stories and poetry by @nobyeni.

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ahhh, this is so lovely, I'm so glad two really cool and lovely people had the chance to meet and that Charu didn't turn out to be a robot this whole time plotting the downfall or organics!!

This is just delightful, @nobyeni, and I love the way you framed the perspective so that it made the stakes seem so high and every moment one where you should be on the edge of your seat as a reader, gripping white through your fingers!

One quick thing, I know it's helpful for the group checking poems for d-pend to have a number in the title, sure he won't mind a deviation if you want to take it down later, but helpful so that they don't miss this when they are tallying.

You two are the absolute most bestest!!! z_black_heart.png

Thanks! It was absolutely lovely to meet her, and I hope a lot more steem-inspired meetups will follow!
And yes, I had already edited the title, just didn't want it stuck in the url so edited it after posting... you were just too fast :P

  ·  last year (edited)

That's genius, keep those url cleans since it's blockchained - I need to look into that for myself (thank you!)

error, not programmed to respond prepared message for "too fast" - action: Charubot has already engaged and escaped detection; no action necessary.

I mean, have a great day, Noby!



Please send us those photos of your first time... We pay mucho dinero

it,s help the people....thank you

This is such an earnest depiction of what its like.

I've met more than a few folks in real life that I had first met online; it's nerve-wracking and if you're early, you have way too much time for doubt and introspection.

At least you turned yours into poetry :)