Relationship Advice - Poem #unintendedpoet #editedbyclay

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Mario relationship advice.png

Relationship advice

my boyfriend is playing super mario
on his computer next to me
we are two nerdy loners
who like being alone together

learning how to be alone
is one of the best skills
people are late to the game
but never too late

continue to grow
follow your passions
develop your skills

one day you'll find
someone who loves you
for exactly that

~ @nobyeni


This is a poem in the series of #unintendedpoet #editedbyclay.
With thanks to @thewritersblock and @damianjayclay.

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This one really captured the way me and hubby live together. Will show him when he gets in :)

Aw... looking forward to hearing what he thinks!

He said, "That's totally us -- nerdy loners who like being alone together."