Rain :: Haiku :: Poem-a-Day Day #5

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Rain haiku.jpg


To stand waiting
for a tram
that never comes

On Saturday I met up with @diebitch, my first Steem-meetup. It was a good first date. We found ourselves waiting for a tram that never came. But we were talking about too many things and hardly noticed the time passing.

I took up @d-pend his challenge of 100-days of poetry. This is my poem-a-day day #5.


Here is an overview of more fiction/short stories and poetry by @nobyeni.

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Hi @nobyeni! Been enjoying your contributions. This is a lovely haiku and I liked hearing the story that provoked its being written. :-)

I can count this one, but normally the minimum length is 14 lines for these. What some have done, fond of haikus, is include 5 such short pieces.

Anyway, please keep up the great work! Glad you got the chance to meet a fellow Steemian in real life, something I've not had the pleasure to do, thus far.

hujan tanpa kata,berlomba memeluk bumi, dibulan juni yang indah, hujan, kutunggu engkau datang, kita buatkan persembahan untuk sebuah cinta..

When the meeting is good, the conversation is shortened and time flies. I'm fond of fiction stories. Please read my poem A fraternal greeting