Neighbourly Love #unintendedpoet #editedbyclay

in poetry •  last year 

Neighbourly Love.png

The neighbours across the street
are getting a lot of packages today, all kinds
of shapes.

They got a big new flatscreen
for their bedroom
last week.

I saw – it's a quiet street without
cars, so one can see

They also always look at me,
and I don't even have

I should have accepted the package
when the neighbours were
not home.

It's all story-research,
of course. Totally

I feel sad for wanting a present.
Should I order some

by @nobyeni

Special thanks to @thewritersblock and @damianjayclay for editing & inspiration.


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I love the feeling of suburban horror this one has.

I was there when this happened! I like this unintended poetry movement :)

I can't believe you actually posted this, hahaha. Too funny! I love how @damianjayclay turns normal conversation into poetry :)

I like the flow of your words and thoughts...very natural..You should join our group "Steemit Poets United"... I'm sure you'll fit perfectly there. #poetsunited. We also have a discord channel.

i can't help wondering if my questions will ever be answered and did she land in too much trouble and if she is alright now

you actually got a present from me. Look at your wallet:)

Yes, that is so neighbourly of you! Thank you for sharing your payout from the lovely post you wrote as a response to mine. Much appreciated!