Matchless Moon - a sonnet

in #poetry6 years ago (edited)


Original photo by @bex-dk. Published with explicit permission.

Matchless Moon

The moon peeks out from high above,
she shines so full without regard.
So bright no clouds can hope to taint,
just drift to circumvent her scorn.
As perfect sphere she rests so still,
thus moving me more than herself.
As Other -- named by Levinas,
as stranger calls beyond her face.
Which brings alive the human dread,
she faults upon her daily course.
My eyes accept what can't be blocked:
reflection of a light unseen.
A simple rock held in the sky
as beauty hurts, my tears are true.

~ @nobyeni


Original photo by @nobyeni

With special thanks to @damianjayclay for his invaluable editing.


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Fantastic sonnet this one. A real pleasure to read.

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Yes please! I accept.

beautifully crafted and leaves me searching for her face inside these lines, finding she's there for just three or four and then she's gone on her path. Not sure it was your intention but that's what I felt. Moving words. By coincidence or fate, a red large moon showing itself here this evening as my daughter and I wait for a bus. So I read your poem to her, she pulled her face saying boring but later conceded 'at least it's a real poem'😉. Don't take it personally, she's hard to please

The poem outshines the photo by far. Great work! It is seriously underloved!

I forgot. I want to confirm that YES, I gave explicit permission for use of my photo with this poem.

You are perhaps new to steem. Comments like this are considered spam and can be subject to flagging. Make intelligent comments on her poem and you might be lucky that someone checks you out. Post your link and you guarantee they don't, unless it's to consider flagging you.

it's very pretty, as beautiful as posting

I was fortunate enough to have found this through @muxxybot. You make good work within the confines of the sonnet form - you know you are creative when you can succeed even within the rules. Well done

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