International Women’s Day :: Poem-A-Day (Day 2)

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International Women's Day

Self Portrait by Romaine Brooks

I stand in front of women
Teaching art made by men
Teaching philosophy thought by men

Not allowed to say to think to be
I hide behind men and their voices
Not knowing what to celebrate

Perhaps one day
Imposter Syndrome gone
It’ll be Women’s Year
All year every year

For now I will hold a memorial
For the woman I would have been
If it weren’t for this
One day a year

~ @nobyeni

Author's Note

Today I decided to include a picture of a painting that impressed me tremendously. Made by Romaine Brooks, an artist who inspired me a lot, about how she thought & worked around gender and sexuality in her paintings. In a time when nothing could be said, she painted self portraits that say more than anything. Even though I mainly use words, as I cannot paint, it will never approach her level of honesty. Or at least that is what I feel, and what I will continue to aspire to.

All pictures in this post are by @nobyeni,
taken in museums in Washington DC, autumn 2016.

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I just hope that every day there is a step taken forward.

You have a great voice for thought and process and conveying meaning, @nobyeni, I know that @d-pend would be honored to hear about some of the more philosophical sides of poetry in his classes if they ever work out to where you can attend and speak.

I know I for one am always inspired by your posts, the depth of thought and selectness of words and methods to convey meaning are always so noticeable.

Thank you so much for sharing, @nobyeni, excited to follow your 100-day poetic journey!

Thank you for your kind words, @carmalain71! It means a lot.
And it would be wonderful to collaborate more, although I'm not very good with voice chat.
Great to see you're also taking on this challenge, looking forward to reading along your path through and with poetry as well!

This is a strong, reflective poem which honours and encapsulates its theme in irony and logic.

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Thank you, I accept!

I think you do very well in expressing yourself in this poem, and shows alot of honesty in how you are feeling and wanting to get across. Very nicely done.

Congratulations human. This poem is featured in this week's Muxxybot poetry curation post.