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We all die a little bit
every day -- everyone
is too old for this world.

I turned 32 last month,
no immortality please,
death is what makes
every minute count.

Have you read
the Possibility of an Island?
If not, you should,
plus, also, all
other books.

That one is related
to the immortality remark
you made.


have youif not, you should.png

Thanks to @diebitch for her remarks.
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Wow great poem. So free flowing and naturalistic like a William Carlos Williams number. I expect we'll be seeing many more of these ;)

Re-steemed! I love this one:

Did you use the queue for this one @nobyeni?


Yes. It was queued this morning. In a flash-fast-editedbyclay.


Cool! :) You remind me to checking for any comments on my own poem I submitted yesterday.

I'm an immortalist (meaning I support scientific immortality), and I can't for the life of me understand why people are so enamored with death. Death makes every minute count?! Does that mean if you live half as long as you expect, then your life is doubly precious? Maybe we should stop trying to cure diseases and instead try to increase them to make life more precious?

I especially don't understand this when it comes from intelligent educated people, who I would think would want to live forever. As you say, so many books to read!


It's not that I would want to live shorter, or that I oppose living longer. But if you would be truly immortal, your choices would mean less. You would be able to make another choice at some later time. In that sense, death makes life and your choices more valuable. And yes, death makes every minute count, is maybe overreached. Artistic license?


Yeah I definitely wouldn't want to be doomed to live forever! What I'd like is to live indefinitely: meaning, I would like to have a choice, instead of Nature imposing Her choice on me.

I do think though that if people had a choice, for most of them there would never come a moment where they would say "that's enough, I'll gladly die now", especially if they were young in body. Everyone wants to live one more day. And I think that would be true indefinitely.

Also, I don't think I agree that choices don't matter if we're undead. Hitler's choices matter, even if he gets to live forever. Even if he didn't kill anyone, and just made people suffer, again that choice would matter. And, since there are other people, "competing" against you, then if you chose the right thing 100 years later than someone else did, that would matter too. Etc.

Fantastic poem!