Forgotten Flower :: Poem-A-Day :: Day #3

in poetry •  last year 

Poem day 3.jpg

Eyes closed
I still see me
An image burned

I turn upside
Inside out
Tell you more
Than words

Darkness lights
Life between sounds
Sobs and laughter

Restless motions
Green hope
Snow in bloom


All pictures used are my own.

Here is an overview of more fiction/short stories and poetry by @nobyeni.

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Poetry always tells more than words. Yours brought the full emotions brought on by winter. I love the phrase “Darkness lights life” Yin and Yang, Darkness light, good and evil - even the seasons remind us these are all part of life and have a purpose. We just need to embrace it.

Hello @nobyeni. It is a beautiful poetry. I invite you to read mine. Greetings.

Very cool... short, but sweet and powerful too.

I turn upside
Inside out
Tell you more
Than words

These lines resonated with me - We say so much without words.

Keep up the great work.

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

Beautiful evocation of times gone by, wanting to relive them. Fascinating poem, @nobyeni. I loved. I embrace your poetry. I am also participating as "intermediate" ... I follow you!

'Eyes closed
I still see me..'

This imagery and the abstractness is a beauty to the mind.

This contest is really an inspiration