DISCORD, an acrostic poem - Writers Block Poetry Contest Week 1

in poetry •  2 years ago  (edited)

Deliberate determination
Instant castigation
Soundless disputation
Corrupted fixation
Orphaned indignation
Regained communication
Determined deliberation

~ @nobyeni

This is an acrostic poem, meaning that the first letters of each line also form a word. I used to often make acrostic poems, but haven't done so in a long time. For this #twbpoetrycontest poetry contest by @thewritersblock, I thought to dust off that old pleasure.

With special thanks to the feedback from people at @thewritersblock, which definitely helped focus and tweak this poem for the better. All mistakes and amateurism in this poem are completely and only my own.


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G- Gulping Gateaux
R- Reminiscing Afterglow
E- Entrancing Flow
A- Amazing Ammo
T- Timeless Tornado

Can I have the gateaux without the ammo/tornado? hihi.

This is cool! And I love how the words you used also give off the sense of discord. Well done!