Covers Uncovered; Poem-a-Day; an update

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A few days ago I decided to go old school - to continue the 100-days of poetry challenge but to leave technology and the blockchain out of it (see my post about it here). But that doesn't mean I'm no longer participating in this contest. Quite the opposite, it has given me much more of a resolve to keep going.

And here is the proof. I took one of the notebooks I'd been saving for a special occasion... I love simple and pretty notebooks that have empty pages. No lines, no marks. Just empty space. And I buy them whenever I travel somewhere. This one I bought in China, and still hadn't been put to goo use. Now it is is getting filled with poems. And I wrote one I feel is nice enough to share with you here...


Covers Uncovered

You don't see
when you think
you feel
what you should

~ @nobyeni
March 15, 2018

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