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in poetry •  last year


 . . . A little while,  a moment of rest upon the wind,  and another woman shall bear me.  
 The Prophet ~ Khalil Gibran 

through the formless void, darkness  
all around.  
… there is a shimmer of sound  
like the siren’s song  
reaching through space and time.

And in an instant
in an ocean of seeing,
we agree to meet, on those distant  
heaving shores.

And I am falling now,
falling through the fount
swimming into Being,

into the dialectic
the mythical, exquisite life  
of Earth

Yep - thats me n' me mum, incarnating by turns, her over Sweden, me over Ol' Blighty, meeting under the constellation of Scorpio... she is long gone, but the mystery remains - this life cycling through birth and death.
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