The 1st of many deaths, the reflecting light, asleep and awake.

in poetry •  8 months ago

Sleep, the first of many deaths, and when i sleep all is as death, silent and shadowed with no light touching, and the light does not reflect in my eyes, this is a quiet terrible thing and yet without this death we call sleep we may not be reborn at the dawn yet to come. The dawn comes and the shades that close my eyes, at last they are withdrawn and i rise anew, reborn, the man i was sleeps now to wake no more and i ready myself to let the light reflect in my eyes so i may see my daily trial, i must not fail my trial for if i do i fail myself, it is the trial, the struggle of the day that makes us better and when we sleep we carry the strength with us into the next day, when sleep is as death, and awake is as life, the struggle for survival and improvement, though there may be small pleasures, they are but small distractions from true life. When the light reflects and illuminates all is as life, thriving and energetic with sound and color indicating their existence.

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