how will you greet your death

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An old man sits by the river his mind full of ideas and memories, a young man sits near and says"It looks as though you have a lot on your mind" The old man looks and smiles wryly "oh yes I'm reflecting on my life" "why are you doing that?" asked the young man, the old man simply said "life is long and there is much to consider, you see my life is ending soon and i wanted to reflect before my passing" the young man turned his head and reply'd "that's rather sad don't you think?"
"not at all" said the old man "How will you greet your death?" the old man asked "with tears welling in your eyes maybe?" "what is sadder" he continued "a life that you cry fore or a life that you can smile upon at it's end?" the young man stares back awestruck at the notion, the old man resumes his talk "how you greet your death in many ways has to do with you're attitude towards the unknown, many believe what will happen when we die but there is only one way to find out for sure therefore it is best to have a positive attitude towards the unknown and hope for the best" he stopped for a moment, "death and the unknown, are very much the same so in the end it is best to greet death as a friend or even a lover, it makes the passing easier and takes away most of the pain, it is because of this that i will pass easy knowing that i lived a life that was full" he closed his eyes and said "young man, you go and fill your'e life with meaning and when the end comes... greet it as a friend and go easy" the old man fell asleep, the young man got up and smiled. As the young man walked away he said to himself "I want to live like that old man".

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I like stories that make me ponder.