My Journey, longing and want

in poetry •  last year


I remember when leverage was just a word
When purpose was all but unstirred
Play and laughter all that mattered
Where speech and diction deterred
Friendships forged stayed

My tiny legs longed to run further
Achievement in a simple jump over a puddle of rain water
Even then I longed for dreams bigger
Longed to matter
Longed to be older,
Mature like my father
My hero to make the tougher softer
And to create yet more laughter

Memories of moments shared
Experiences lived
Mistakes and errors noticed
Some still vivid
Corrections and criticism objectively made
Some repeated
Embarrassments sustained
Yet I am not maimed

Now I am arrived
Still on a journey
Dying each day further to be better
Leverage has meaning
At times so solid than my own believe
It is no longer just a word to find meaning

Thoughts rumble and grumble
Deep in my brain
Too loud I believe of another existence
Each day a reminder
A second wasted
A chance lost not to be recovered
Things are no longer simple

I remember when everything was so simple
I only needed to jump
Look into his eyes
Holding my tiny hands
All the pride and appreciation seen there
Everything that ever mattered
I long to give that back someday

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