Hope in our lives: You are mine

in poetry •  10 months ago

What if I am too far gone?
Can you confidently tell me that I will be okay?
Can you assure me that tomorrow is promised?
Can you help me fight?
Can you speculate; will the next step pick me up?
Will I be able to find the light in this darkness?

Experiencing the worst is a gift
Only if there is hope
For where hope lies we can hold on
With hope we can walk In the darkness waiting for the light
Heavy the heart may be
We can draw all the strength from hope
That we haven’t seen the best yet

But I fear
I might be too far gone
So, I stay closer, to you for you can be my light
You can provide the hope in these murky times
You can remind me not to give up
That it’s just the beginning
Not to give in to giving up.

So would you be so kind
To remind me when I stray
Remind me to lift my leg to take another step
Remind me, that nothing comes easy
Remind me who I am
Remind me what my strengths are.
Help me make all the resolve and keep at it.
Remind me that no fear is worth keeping me down

And when all is done,
We will look back
Pause and enjoy the view from where we have come
We will remain in awe enjoying what hope can do
Then on to the next challenge.

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