Fight the good fight! 👊

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Crazy Braveheart Dad

Almost a year has passed since my dad received some devastating news that changed his, and our families lives forever. Inoperable prostate cancer that had metastasized to his bones. The doctor said that he was thinking in terms of weeks.

Last week he went again to see his oncologist and things are looking a lot more hopeful!

Since his diagnosis my dad has completely overhauled his lifestyle. From his diet, to the amount of exercise he does, to his positive attitude, and he looks so much healthier for it.

Last year he could barely muster the energy to potter around the house, now he is climbing Munro's.

Up a Munro

He is a massive inspiration to me and to anyone else who is fighting the good fight. We wish you all the best and this is a little poem from him to you all.

Fight The Good Fight - by Martin

I see clearly now my own Green Mile,
Each reluctant step, I turn and smile.

To Halcyon days of distant future passed,
Kissed so softly from my memories grasp.

Each step is slow, thankfully few.
I need more time to pause.....breathe in the view!

No leaps,no bounds for me from here,
I will Fight The Good Fight, draw my family near!

I see Elysium, don't see no Heaven or Hell,
I see the lovin' that's between us keeps me so well.

I see the lady I've loved for a thousand years,
So secretly saving all her lifetime tears.

I see her close,right by my side,
It's just a forever thing, our crazy roller ride!

I see that mile ahead, all others must make,
I see the knowin' you're on, that's the hard bit to take!

I see my Angels die hard, so I don't ever run.
They see so clearly now, my life's too much fun!


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