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Do you agree with me that not all that glitters are gold?
Just like the world perceives
But my own gem is a gold that never stops glittering.
It keeps glittering like a love that pain and hates cannot stops
Just before I left your domain in the mood of my love for you
What occupied my mind is WHY YOU?
Can’t seems to explain why am so much attracted to you

My possible answers are heart melting and soul searching because;
You are God sent.
You are meant for me and me alone.
You are my path and, I’m ready to follow it through
You are my beauty and bounty.
You are compatible for my future.
You are my own treasure that can’t be misplaced or replaced.
I deserved you more than anything the world wants to offer
You are my own rare gem.


You will be to me like a mother I never had
And a friend that walked away long ago.
You will help me in my thought for more organized future
Yours and mine aligned therefore vision would be accomplished
You are everything I have and I need after my creator
Weakness can be strengthened with you beside me
Our future are meant to be together and forever
If you are all of this to me, then….
You are MY OWN RARE GEM that I want to keep with me always

If you are inspired by this love poem, kindly drop your comment about it and resteem for others to see. Thank you

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o my God....if i were to rate this by 100%, i would have rated it 99%... its so perfect

@caesar816. Thank you for your lovely comment about this poem. I really appreciates it.

Yeah welcome

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