🌙 # 19 - Rehab

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Loving you was a disease
Spreading through my body
Filthing up my lungs
Defiling my soul
And eating away at my softness

But I let you
I know
I let you come closer
You had a look at my walls
And tore out my foundations
As if they meant nothing
Which I guess they didn't
To you

But I let you
I know
I made way
Created space for your hands
Angry hands
The hands of a man
Who had never properly learned to love himself
Who could never really love another

I let you
I know
And indeed
Loving you was like a drug

But mother
This is day one.
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This poem is very intriguing and heartbreaking. I really like the ending. It leaves me wondering if this is a poem to a mother or a man, or both. I had to read it twice. Great job.

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