🌙 # 14 - I will find you

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I will find you

I smiled
Because you broke my bones
Tore out my heart
And then considered me disposable

But dear,
Did I forget to mention
That my bones were just a cage?
That wolves run fastest when set loose?

And I always did like
The taste of your blood.

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Very clever! I live it. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted! And following.

Thanks, that's always wonderful to hear!

I enjoyed this poem. It seems that many of us find our true selves in experiences that may have been meant to “break” us. It’s the pressure that creates the diamond. Lovely poem.

So true, I found the same feeling in my toughest experiences. They really do shape you. Thanks for your time!

God poem and good art found as well . I really lied it .

Thanks you, that's always nice to hear!

ooooooooh pretty and fierce! I LOVED THIS SOOOOOO MUCH~

Yes, exactly the feeling I was going for, thanks! (;

me describi con este post que maravilloso

Muchas gracias, eres demasiado bueno!

Really beautiful poem, you're very talented :)

Lovely, thank you so much!

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Ha ha, and the moral is, don’t break moon’s heart.

Ah you always get me!