WAKE UP STEEMIT! (Original Poem & Blog) — Steemit

WAKE UP STEEMIT! (Original Poem & Blog)

in poetry •  last year

Steemit let me post
So my reputation goes
High...to be a whale

Hi to all my Steemians. I have been trying to post today, and do my research for my story but I had no luck. As you have all noticed, it hasn't been possible since Steemit has been sleeping or under construction for some cool updates (maybe HF20???).

A little bird said new updates are coming soon, so I am looking forward to this. So maybe that explains all the technical issues for today and the constant white screen trying to replace our precious Steemit.

So this is just a short post and haiku poem until things get back to normal. Steem on towards your dreams

Thank you all again and I'll see you in the next post.
All Gifs used from Giphy.com
Peace and greetings... from @Moonleesteem

Steem us up... Scotty

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I like your ambitious poem, I hope you become a whale someday soon. I too was having problems posting earlier today and even accessing the website. I thought it was updates, but I just saw an article that it is possibly DDOS attacks causing these issues, but you are correct that updates are coming soon for Steemit.com, and I am excited :)


Cheers... Yes, ​I have learned too, it was a DDOS attack​. That is terrible... but Steemit is back on.
A big respect to all the good guys, in keeping our platform safe...


I completely agree, Steemit has a solid and amazing team to protect our valuable platform.


Yes... this blockchain is amazing

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I had problems all day also 😐

Great post) as always) I am 100% sure that you will be a whale, please remember us minnows when you get there 😀


Honestly, the way things are moving on Steemit I don't think so... Maybe we can make it as Dolphin
swimming with the Whale... if we are lucky


Now than likely you are right, but it is nice to dream :-)


Thanks for the re-steem

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Nice post and wish you the best for your journey to become a whale :)


Thanks mate... best of luck to you too


Your welcome and thank you too for wishing me as well.
Be friends :)