in poetry •  last year

We are fighters
Not losers...

Just new here
In the pond

We keep on writing
When the rewards are low

It's just one penny for your thoughts
Sometimes here on... Steemit

But stay on that course
That's what they say

Do not pause...
Or break away

Steem is coming
Your way... One day

Thank you all again and I'll see you in the next post.
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Peace and greetings... from @Moonleesteem

Steem us up... Scotty

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Could not agree with the sentiment of this poem, great stuff! 👍


Yes we have to stay positive... if we want to go up 🤓

You win, you win!
Rewards come soon
Come again!
Lee Steem of the Moon.


Wow thank you very much, I am truly honored to win. I didn't think I would win, this is my first win of a contest ever ever. I am so happy, and thank you for your nice comment, you made a poem out of my name, I really enjoyed it.

Yes, I will try again when I have time. Also I have started my own contest. You are more than welcome to enter in
Steemit Haiku Contest: Make Haikus Great Again
Thanks mate... for the re-steem, I hope you have a nice day .

I agree. The more you steem, the more steam you gain.


Yes, @moeknows... that's Steemit

Calling @originalworks :)
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Nice, you got a 8.0% @minnowbooster upgoat, thanks to @moonleesteem
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