The original poem "Oh, how many wonders we have around!!"

in #poetry4 years ago (edited)

 Hello Steem Community , I travel a lot as I have already written in my previous articles around Europe and Asia. I recently began writing poetry, don’t really know how it happened. Probably travelling to new places, meeting new people, has inspired me.  
My first poem was written in Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia, no one has seen it yet. 


Oh, how many wonders we have around!! 

Oh, how many wonders we have around 

And how many few eyes there are to watch 

dull interest, careless of the miracle that surrounds us. 

The light of stars, the moonlight, 

For us it has long been casual . 

Sunset or sunrise in fire, 

For us it has been casual and familiar ... 

Perfect in every moment of life - 

A miracle has always been present 

Whether you are young or old, 

The breathe of miracle has always been with you.

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