Cyberlink (Original poetry from the dawn of the internet)

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The year was about 1998. The internet was still a new technology along with text messages from our cell phones. I was in a relationship doomed to fail, but I had my love and a 56k modem. This is a poem I wrote about that.


Separated by space of ocean and countries
How many miles apart are we?
We communicate electronically,
Through messages on our cyberlink.
“I luv u baby! Xoxo”
Such simple words I know I know
But take them with you wherever you go
Through messages on our cyberlink
I’ll write you when I see the moon
Hopefully you’ll write back soon
Cause my heart skips when I hear that tune
When there’s a message on my cyberlink
These small lines help the time to pass
and yet somehow cut my heart like glass
Cause an eternity has already passed
With only messages on our cyberlink
I wish I could hold you in these arms of mine
So close our hearts would intertwine
Forever till the end of time
With no need for a cyberlink
But my love for you keeps me alive
Too big for any computer’s drive
But there’s no distance it wont survive
Cause true love needs no cyberlink

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