On stopping

in poetry •  20 days ago

On stopping at stop signs
that were not meant for you:

You’re obviously new around here,
Or else you’d surely know
all about that other road
right there
With traffic moving
In nearly the exact same direction
as you do.
It’s those people
my sign was meant to stop,
not you.
I’m sorry it’s the type that blinks
like Christmas time
since people kept ignoring it
and getting into accidents.
That must be why
it caught your eye.
no need to stop.


** a hyper literal poem involving minor traffic violations, of course.

xx monique

ps. happy new year, lovers.
pss. sorry i keep forgetting to post. ugh.

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Yup i still owe la county $300 for taking a stop sign. Always stop at stops.

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I’ve honestly been wondering recently if parking tickets are real? Like... are you supposed to actually pay those? How do they know your ticket didn’t blow away?!


They send a copy to your mail. In LA they take a picture of your car when they give you tickets. I have fought and won them saying i never got them but the last time they sent me a picture of my car next to the sign lol.

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