The letters you have given

in #poetry2 years ago

Keep the letters you care about
Keeping you forever book is empty only
The letters are well read occasionally
You just do not know how well you are
The sight of love is now eating rain
Keeping you forever book is empty only
It is possible to go and find out how much the way is approaching 550936_295570297219911_1275400628_n_33233.jpg
If you forget, there are people to remember
The mistakes are in the care of all the folds of the mind
You can not take too much care of yourself
See full moon moonlight
Keep the letters you care about.


Wow sir its too good ...... i love the poetry u know better that poetry touches the soul.

Thank you very much for lovely complime

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It is very wonderful this post friend of mine @mizanuk congratulations. Regards ; )

Thanks a lot dear for ur lovely complement @josue07

wow nice post

What a great answer, who taught you that?

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