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in #poetry4 years ago (edited)

as traumatic experiences do

it binds and grasps so strongly
but can also tear us apart

the man without a vessel, a solitary plume
overwhelmed, untouched
A world of shipwrecks,
there is hope, and uncertainty
creative space for silence, and pause


beautiful! the description of men a 'shipwrecks' really appeals to me. i also love the line where you say that 'there is hope'; the way the poem ends on a positive note shows how despite all the negativity and havoc all around us, at the end of the day (poem in this case) light will always triumph! i will check your profile out for more. if you are interested, i have poetry i wrote on my profile too :)

Thanks for the kind words and I'm so glad you made that connection about shipwrecks :) I'll definitely give your profile a read too.

You're welcome!!! And thank you! :)

Very nice, Will be looking forward to your posts.

Up-voted :-)


Thanks for stopping by :)

I like this post, you have my vote, by the way,
thank you for stopping by and voting on one of my post
really appreciate it.I started following you @mannyfig1956

More please. Followed.

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