Path of Complete Surrender

in #poetry4 years ago (edited)

Let's let go, let go, and
see how things go,
or won't go.

Let's see what will happen
when anything happens,
whether or not whatever is,
though sometimes I feel it's not
alright with me,
it's fine by me, really.

I say, let it come.
Let it come and let it be.
Even if it must be like this forever,
even if that bad, so be it- Forever!
because I shall stay here, and let it permeate me,
whatever it will be, it can
pass through, penetrate every aspect of me.
It will leave behind nothing because I'll let go of everything_

I think this path may find nothing,
'cause we completely surrender

hell becomes heaven,
so be it- Forever!




Didn't know you are a wordsmith as well! ;)

heheh, create create create

Wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing.

thank you <3

beautiful poem @mirror-me

thank you !!

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