| "I want to write about truth" (A Poem)

in poetry •  last year

… that comes out, with every pause, breath
but this attempt won't do because
i can't seem to get a grip on,
and catch this,
Sense slips through spaces,
and every letter here is
collapsing shortly after.

But i will try to write about truth despite
white, black, day and night
melting together,
oozing one with the other
and words in between- powerless,
unable to catch this,
this raw essence-

I'm giving it all that i can,
and all that i have
Still the truth is
the same, yet talking about it...
Like sand through fingers, water
no rivers, nothing
through veins- I am giver
without it.

Of nought I am giver.
So touch hands, receiver.
we both lost our self
let's share this together!
for now with each other, then
with the world, and everyone out there.

As space touches sky touches earth touches eye.
The eyes start to close as sleep looms nearby.
Sleep comes and goes, but this time it stays here.

into each other-
we collapsed shortly after |


image credit: fractalrock deviantart

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