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They go inside and they take
And if something's not taken
it's left behind shaken and cold
and out in the dark until
they see it again, and try to take it once more,
'cause it's for your own good;
it's pain, yeah it's pain but it's good.

I think we let them inside.
We let them because we want those
things inside gone.
We want to be clean and pure, and
inside the great light, wrapped up
in an embrace with all gods, with the stars and the skies,
but the darkness.... Oh, but the darkness inside.

We want to be seen and we want to see Being,
so we invite them inside.
They come inside soul as we go into body
and fortunately-
they come with their own light and they shine and see all.
And you're naked and vulnerable to the bone, to the core.
And the pain that comes, oh man... the pain!
In all honesty, I don't think anything before
hurt this much, but the good news I guess, is that
nothing can possibly hurt that much more...

Yes this pain is the tear, the great rip
in the Ultimate Being broken down into
two. Two halves in love, endlessly chasing
each other through
the Cosmos, through everything that exists.
And this place sets the stage for this great endless process
of you finding me and me finding you.
So I let you inside and you let me in,
and we watch in pain, in beautiful pain,
as they quietly go about taking
everything away.

Yes, our body is shaking, our head inside's breaking.
But in the end it's okay, I think it's okay.


image credit: AuroraMycano

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