To the love of my life

in #poetry3 years ago

Like a joke, it started. Laughing at every line, we neglected reality.
Though it seemed like a stroke of luck, it really wasn't.
For we live to accomplish something at every point of life.

Just like that, the bond grew stronger_
Stronger, stronger, and much more stronger.
Tried to run away but ended up taking a forward step.
I tried to hide but came to a halt at your face.
Can someone please explain the situation?
Was that Love's definition?
I couldn't help but outlast at last.

It didn't stop growing 'cause we grew alongside each other.
Your arms always protected my Siberian body,
Your voice made the best music for my disquieted brain,
Your lips was my definition for calmness.
You were, have, is and will still be the perfect heart for my crude soul.

Unfortunately, the sad news stripped me of my robe-
With my heart left in the cold with no hope of help
What next? I won't stop thinking.
It's the hardest thing I've ever accepted.
For I don't know how I'll survive without you.
Though beyond brute force, I wish I could do something.

Yet, I'm still happy I had the best of you.
Those times we spent together, I won't forget
The chess game, the first kiss,
The hangouts, expensive treats, and all.
What more would I have asked for?
Who else would I have sought for?

My love, my one, my teacher, my companion.
Bear in mind that I'll hardly forget you.
You didn't just traverse my life, you're part of my life.
You're my five-star Romeo; I guess the five years did count.
The footprints will remain till Doomsday.

And for the journey ahead, a glorious one it'll be.
For physically I may be flawed, but I'm always with you.
A successful married life I pray unto you.
A fulfilled life and all I wish you.
I thank you for all, and I love you too.

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