The Colour Of Friendship

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A dog thought it wonderful
If t he colour of friendship was purple
A fox figured it would be strange
To have the colour of friendship orange
Somebody once had said
The colour of friendship was red
Then someone thought he knew
The colour of friendship was blue
According to a sunny fellow
The colour of friendship was yellow
A calico cat with a sly wink
Purred the colour of friendship was pink
A child who did lie a lot
Said the colour of friendship was violet
Someone shouted with fright
The colour of friendship is white
But I hear a sweet echo call back
Perhaps the colour of friendship is black
People said it was decreed by a queen
That the colour of friendship was green
The mayor of a friendly town
Stated the colour of friendship was brown
Maybe the man in the moon
Wondered if friendship was maroon
A wise person said with gentle care
“No colour to friendship is there”
Soon everyone wanted to know
How this could really be so
Friendship is having fun
While you are with someone
Friendship is also sharing
And lots and lots of caring
Friendship is when you enjoy
Being with a certain girl or boy
Yes, right from the very start
Friendship comes from the heart.


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Wow! Friendship comes from the heart and we all can chose what colour we can attribute to friendship.

Thanks for your thoughts