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Credit: Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School

Books weigh you down as you walk through the crowded halls
People are pushing and shoving as they hustle to go to class
Teachers are barking out orders and closely watching students
Who disobey the rules of the school
The day drags on as you try not to fall asleep during the lesson
Lunch comes by, reminding you of your only respite

The day continues with no other respite
As you continue struggling through the halls
Rushing to catch your next lesson
There are even those days where you end up late for class
And have to stay after school
As what some would consider to be a troublesome student

Throughout the day, you interact with other students
Who also seems to be in desperate need of respite
And greatly want to escape from school
Kids with whom you converse in the halls
And with whom you share notes in class
Hardly pay attention to the lesson

The day seems to go on forever during the lesson
As the teacher picks out certain students
To answer questions on what’s been taught in class
And as time goes on, it seems as if there is no respite
Until the sound of the bell signals for everyone to flood the halls
And still anticipating the end of school

As we’re trapped in this prison we call school,
You hurriedly take down notes from the lesson
That may eventually get lost in the halls
Along with the work of other students
And all throughout the time, you’re searching for respite
But end up with a truckload of work from class

It’s almost the end of class
Almost time to leave school
And take advantage of a long-awaited respite
From all the hard work and the day’s lessons
Who eagerly flood the halls

But as the halls empty from a long day of classes,
One of the teachers summons all the bad stuents to stay after school
It seems that your only lesson was that there will be no respite

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