Murdering Memories

in poetry •  2 months ago

This poem about the past that still haunts us, because we love them, that compete with your present love.

(Picture of a cemetery here in the Philippines)

Murdering Memories

Moment fabricated to reverberate
Silhouette gentle dark fond ever
The light of unfairness that create
Irrational acts, more genuine favor
Ravishing love on critical heart
Fancy and relish will be knotted
If flummox of whilom goes unapart
But imminent mortal will not be hated

Hypnotizing memories has the lead
But subsequent has better idea
Idle to cradle but imminent don't care
Honestly, mortal is fond but also heed
Like an apple it falls but not in place
The imminent is acclimate, to sneak
Battle of imminent and reminiscence
But the imminent even lose, be in peak

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