The One I will Sweetly Regret 🌼💔💐

in #poetry3 years ago

You’ve been on my mind,
I wanna know you.
Tell me your hobbies,
the things that you do.🎨
Let me listen to stories,
That fall from your lips.
And get lost in your smile,
While I enjoy the trip. 🌃

Familiar strangers,
Secret distractions.
You glow just like embers,
a firery attraction.🔥
Like a moth to a light,
You’re pulling me in.
Tempted with knowing
the person within. 👤

Tempted with lust,
Tempted to “sin”
Tempted by something
from deep down within. 🕳
Admiring from a distance,
Year after year.
But you know the situation.
I’m sure you’re aware. 👀

So alone on this rock,
A lonely wolf howls.
With you in his sights,
While he’s out on the prowl. 🐺
All full of passion,
Losing my reason.
But really can’t help it,
You are so appealing...🦋


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