24 Hours A Day

in poetry •  last year


There are 24 hours in a day.

(said the one who fights her demon at dawn)

Drowned my self with caffeine and pray,
I can't think of anything that I could say,
My mind is whirling—dubious—cursing—and gray,
Why all the words are going astray?

There are 24 hours in a day.

(said the one who fears the unknown)

I beat my self just to dare.
Dare to go out, run a mile—soak in the sun—feel the air.
Dare to believe that I can be something,
Not just a damsel in distress, fretting.

There are 24 hours in a day.

(said the one who is easily deceived)

During these hours all I can think of is, Is he okay?
He came into my life and the loneliness I felt was outweighed.
I gave him my Heart and Trust—I didn't wait,
Risked my all, another leap of faith.

There are 24 hours in a day.

(said the one who lost someone)

Hours doesn't matter, my life is pronged,
For I lost my one and only anchor,
Darkness has clouded my every reasons,
Can some light free me from this dungeon?

There are 24 hours in a day.

(said the one who never gives up)

Every moment, I make my broken look stunning,
I walk, I talk, I sing, I always win beaming,
But when I'm on my own, my cracks kept showing,
Reminds me how much I am Faking.

There are 24 hours in a day,

Different people, Different way
Can we try to be a little gentle or fair?
For every Hour, we don't know how much their pain weighs.

Gracias por leer!

I'd appreciate if you could
It's Encouraging.

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Heartwarming! Thank you for the acknowledgement. It encourages us to set our bars higher.🧡

Wow excelent I love poetry specially brainy thoughs. Good job keep up the good work , keep always sharing your poetry.


Thankyou @chrismadcboy2016! Sending you love!


Your welcome @michellpiala ill do my duty as a supportive community


thanks again

Beautiful as always. Keep it up babe ☺️


iiiihh.😍 thank you babe. Together we’ll all be better.🧡

specially loving the fourth stanza. ...such a wonderful poem! every line has a deep though and message.


Different perspective of those person im with lately. Chaaar thank you for ‘pushing’ me.

Nice poem. I had an enjoyable read tonight, thanks


That’s very sweet of you to say. Thank youu @abchro

24 hours... let's be thankful we were blessed with another 24 hours 😍


True that. We don’t really understand life if we are not grateful with every hour that we have or worst if we would just waste it.

I want to be the one who said "the one who never gives up"
good post sister, your blog makes me reach deeper in my self


@smokinglems your support was very heartwarming. I can’t thank you enough.🧡

Nice poem where u from?


Gracias, Soy de las Filipinas. y tú?

galing, poetry with rhymes. keep it up.


Thank you @sherylneil

We are given equal amount of time but we just don't know how to manage it sometimes which makes us feel it is not enough. It does show that whatever happens, time moves on. It does not stop for anyone.


you're right it doesn't stop for anyone. But at the end of the the day what truly matters is if you've done anything or not.