Crypto's on Fire & Real Life is Dire - Metaphorical Misery - The Pain & The Apathy - A Poem (and banter)

in poetry •  9 months ago

'Metaphorical Misery' - The Pain & The Apathy

I feel pain
I feel intense guilt and shame
When I look to the left, I see darkness
When I look to the right, I see rain.

How do I know which choice is right when each choice awakens that dreadful voice,
How do I know which way to sail when all directions lead through waves of betrayal,
within each wave a familiar feeling entails, a deafening pain, too difficult to detail.

If I decide left is best and seek comfort in the dark, I feel the drifting pain flow through from the rain
If instead I choose right and turn and run from the dark, I feel the shift and change but the pain remains all the same

Although the pain which comes from darkness does not drift slowly like pain which comes from the rain,
This pain rushes in rapidly, it does not intend to play games,
One is a fine illustration of apathy,
the other a divine demonstration of pain.

I originally had no intention of ever using Steemit for anything but Crypto let alone posting anything non-crypto related.
recently however I've found that the current state of the Cryptocurrency Market mirrors my personal life in a sadly accurate way. Volatile, down in the dumps, and continuing on a downward spiral.

I love to write, it's been somewhat of an obvious "DUH" epiphany that has come about over me the last few weeks. I don't usually write poetry, it's not really my thing, i don't usually share my writing at all in general, mainly because i haven't been writing that much, well not since i made my first post on Steemit last week. However right now i'm in an extremely conflicted emotionally damaging position between two people in my life, it's put me in a negative head-space and it caused me to lose interest in writing about Crypto for the time being, but not writing in general. the funny part of all this is after i got done writing today which what was mainly a bunch of garbage on a word document, (and this poem) i had the realization that even though i was not writing with Crypto in mind, many aspects of my personal life (like my emotional stability haha...) eerily correlated with the current Crypto-Climate.

Anyway, i hope you find this piece at least somewhat morbidly gratifying or interesting, let me know if the underlying meaning happens to click with or relate to you, if you find yourself in a similar position, and if i should keep posting, or if it's garbage and i should just stop writing now. You'll find its written in quite a... cryptic (pun lol) format, with slightly more cheese than is typical of me. Either way i will stop rambling now, talk soon folks, if not here, then maybe on the moon.

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