The Great Sun (An original poem)

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The Great Sun

Oh, great sun! Come morning,

shines its light to awaken us.

It brings joy to a boring day

by showering us with its powerful rays.

Its bright smile and its golden face,

giving life to every place.

It paints the rose gardens red,

while kids play on the hill up ahead.

Hours passed, its energy is running low

for it must recharge and sleep while plants grow.

How beautiful is its sunset,

with hints of orange, it's as beautiful as it can get.

At night time, the sun is finally asleep

since its energy it must keep.

It will wake up in the morning, after a while

feeling all refreshed with another great big smile.

We thank the sun for making our lives so fantastic,

because life without the sun would be tragic.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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